Chapter 2 Learning Goals:


SECTION 1 "Spain's Empire in the Americas"
  1. Describe how the Spanish conquered Native American peoples.
  2. Summarize Spanish exploration of the Americas.

SECTION 2 "An English Settlement at Jamestown"
  1. Identify the obstacles facing the first English settlers at Jamestown.
  2. Understand the factors that helped Jamestown to flourish.
  3. Contrast English and Spanish patterns of conquest.
  4. Describe the economic and social inequities that triggered Bacon's Rebellion.

SECTION 3 "Puritan New England"
  1. Identify the motives that led the Puritans to New England.
  2. Summarize the principles of government established by the dissenters who fled to Rhode Island.
  3. Explain the conflicts between the English colonists and the Pequot and Wampanoag.

SECTION 4 "Settlement of the Middle Colonies"
  1. Describe daily life in New Netherland.
  2. Explain the reasons for the social and religious diversity of colonial Pennsylvania.

Chapter 2 Assignments

In-Class Work
Readings are due the next school day unless otherwise noted
Assignments are due the next school day unless otherwise noted
  • Review Classroom Expectations and Policies
  • Register for E-Textbook
  • Take U.S. History Part A Common Assessment
  • Read Section 2-1 pp. 36-38.
  • Read Section 2-2 pp. 42-48
  • Read Section 2-3 pp. 49-54.
  • Finish the causes and consequences of Bacon's Rebellion if you did not do so in class.
  • Read Section 3-1 pp. 66-70.
  • No written homework
  • No reading assignment
  • Finish 13 colonies project

Chapter 2 Quiz Review Terms:

  • Spanish Patterns of Colonization
  • Jamestown Colony
  • Virginia Company
  • Tobacco
  • Headright System
  • Indentured Servants
  • Bacon's Rebellion
  • Massachusetts Bay Colony
  • John Smith
  • "City Upon a Hill"
  • Roger Williams
  • Anne Hutchinson
  • 13 Colonies