Chapter 6 Learning Objectives:

Chapter Objective:

Hamilton-Burr Duel

To describe major domestic and foreign problems faced by the leaders of the new Republic such as maintaining national security and creating a stable economic system government.

Section 6-1 "Washington Heads the New Government"

  • Explain how the United States confronted the difficult task of forming a new government.
  • Show how the political ideas of Hamilton and Jefferson differed.
  • Describe how political differences evolved into a two-party system.

Section 6-2 "Foreign Affairs Trouble the Nation"

  • Summarize the nation's developing foreign policy with France, Great Britain, and Spain.
  • Explain how the United States dealt with Native Americans and with British interests west of the Appalachians.
  • Identify some of the deep divisions between Federalists and Republicans.

Section 6-3 "Jefferson Alters the Nation's Course"

  • Identify some of the significant changes brought about during the early years of Jefferson's presidency.
  • Provide examples of the declining power of the Federalists.
  • Summarize the importance of the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Section 6-4 "The War of 1812"

  • Explain the events that led to the War of 1812.
  • Summarize the course of the war.

Chapter 6 Power Point Presentations:

Chapter 6 Assignments

In-Class Assignments
Reading Assignments
Reading assignments are due the next school day unless otherwise noted
Homework Assignments
Assignments are due the next school day unless otherwise noted
  • Read pp. 182-183 and answer the following questions in your notes:
    • What was the significance of the Judiciary Act of 1789?
    • What departments comprised the nation's first cabinet? Who headed each department?
  • Section 6-2 pp. 190-196.
  • Complete 6-1 Hamilton v. Jefferson assignment if you didn't do so during class.
  • Discuss the formation of the nation's first political parties, the Federalists and Democratic-Republicans
  • Discuss the causes and effects of the Whiskey Rebellion
  • No reading assignment
  • Complete Section 6-2 Questions
  • Section 6-3 pp. 197-201 and 6-4 pp. 202-205
  • Editorial due Friday, 1.9.15
  • No reading assignment
  • Chapter 6 Quiz on Monday, 1.12.15
  • Review online learning day activities
  • No reading assignment
  • No written assignment
  • Review Section 6-4
  • Review for Chapter 6 Quiz
  • No reading assignment
  • Chapter 6 Quiz on Tuesday, 1.13.15
  • Check Chapter 7 wiki page and work on 7-1 assignment
  • Chapter 6 Quiz
  • No reading assignment
  • Check Chapter 7 wiki page

Lewis and Clark Expedition


Chapter 6 Quiz Review Terms:

        • Cabinet
        • Judiciary Act of 1789
        • Alexander Hamilton (know his views)
        • Thomas Jefferson (know his views)
        • Federalists
        • Democratic-Republicans
        • Banks of the United States
        • Whiskey Rebellion
        • Neutrality
        • Sectionalism
        • John Adams
        • XYZ Affair
        • Alien and Sedition Acts
        • Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions
        • Election of 1800
        • Lewis and Clark Expedition
        • Sacajawea
        • John Marshall
        • Marbury v. Madison
        • Judicial Review
        • Impressment
        • Tecumseh
        • War of 1812
        • Andrew Jackson