Chapter 12 Learning Objectives

Political Cartoon Depicting a Carpetbagger

Section 12-1 "The Politics of Reconstruction" (pp. 376-382)

  • Summarize President Lincoln's Reconstruction policies.
  • Identify the programs of President Johnson's Reconstruction policy.
  • Explain Congressional Reconstruction policies.

Section 12-2 "Reconstructing Society" (pp. 383-392)

  • Summarize the economic problems in the South.
  • Identify differences among members of the Republican Party in the South.
  • Describe efforts of former slaves to improve their lives.
  • Analyze changes in the Southern economy.

Section 12-3 "The Collapse of Reconstruction" (pp. 393-401)

  • Summarize the violent actions of opponents of Reconstruction.
  • Identify political and economic reasons for the shift of power from the Southern Republicans to the Southern Democrats.
  • Identify the reasons for the collapse of Congressional Reconstruction.
  • Explain the achievements and failures of Reconstruction.



Chapter 12 Power Point Presentations:

Chapter 12 Assignments:

Unit 3 Test Today
In-Class Assignments
Readings are due the next school day, unless noted otherwise
Homework Assignments
Homework assignments are due the next school day, unless noted otherwise
  • Read Section 12-1 pp. 376-382.
  • Read Section 12-2 pp. 383-392.
  • Complete 12-1 Reconstruction Chart for Friday, 2.13.15
  • Compare the Reconstruction Plans offered by Lincoln, the Radical Republicans, and President Johnson
  • Discuss the economic problems in the postwar South.
  • Identify differences among members of the Republican Party in the South.
  • Describe the challenges faced by former slaves.
  • Explain how sharecropping and tenant farming worked.
  • Read Section 12-3 pp. 393-401
  • No written homework. Work on your Unit 3 Study Guide.
  • Chapter 12 Quiz on Thursday
  • Discuss the rise of the Ku Klux Klan in the postwar South
  • Explain how Republicans lost power in the South
  • Explain how scandals damaged Grant's administration
  • Explain how Reconstruction ended
  • Evaluate the successes and failures of Reconstruction
  • No reading assignment
  • Work on your Unit 3 Study Guide
  • Unit 3 Study Guide due Today
  • Review for Unit 3 Test
  • No reading assignment
  • Study for Unit 3 Test
  • Unit 3 Test Today
  • No reading assignment
  • No written assignment

Chapter 12 Quiz Review Terms:

President Andrew Johnson

  • Reconstruction Plans of
    • Lincoln
    • Radical Republicans
    • Johnson
  • 13th Amendment
  • 14th Amendment
  • 15th Amendment
  • Black Codes
  • Carpetbaggers
  • Compromise of 1877
  • Ulysses S. Grant
  • Rutherford B. Hayes
  • Reconstruction Act of 1867
  • Hiram Revels
  • Scalawags
  • Tenure of Office Act