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Chapter 19 Learning Objectives

Chapter Objective

  • To understand the causes of World War I, the reasons the United States entered the war in 1917, and the consequences of the war.
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SECTION 19-1 "World War I Begins" (pp. 578-586)

  1. Identify the long-term causes and the immediate circumstances that led to World War I.
  2. Describe the first two years of the war.
  3. Summarize U.S. public opinion about the war.
  4. Explain why the United States entered the war.

SECTION 19-2 "American Power Tips the Balance" (pp. 587-593)

  1. Describe how the United States mobilized for war.
  2. Summarize U.S. battlefield successes.
  3. Identify the new weapons and the medical problems faced in World War I.
  4. Describe U.S. offensives and the end of the war.

SECTION 19-3 "The War at Home" (pp. 594-603)

  1. Explain how business and government cooperated during the war.
  2. Show how the government promoted the war.
  3. Describe the attacks on civil liberties that occurred.
  4. Summarize the social changes that affected African Americans and women.

SECTION 19-4 "Wilson Fights for Peace" (pp. 604-611)

  1. Summarize Wilson's Fourteen Points.
  2. Describe the Treaty of Versailles and international and domestic reaction to it.
  3. Explain some of the consequences of the war.

Chapter 19 Video Clips

"Causes of World War I"

"U-Boats Sink the Lusitania in 1915"

"WWI Firsts"

"Treaty of Versailles Ends World War I"

Chapter 19 Power Point Presentations

Chapter 19 Assignments

In-Class Assignments
Assignments are due the next school day, unless otherwise noted
Homework Assignments
Assignments are due the next school day, unless otherwise noted
  • Section 19-1 pp. 578-586
  • Discuss the long-term and short-term causes of World War I.
  • Go over timeline assignment from yesterday
  • Discuss the use of trench warfare and its impact on the war
  • Describe reasons supporting and reasons against the U.S. entering World War I
  • Section 19-2 pp. 587-593
  • No written assignment
  • Discuss the impact of America's entrance into World War I.
  • Discuss the new weapons and technology used in World War I and their impact on the war.
  • Discuss the end of World War I
  • Discuss the impact of World War I on the American home-front
  • Read "Returning Soldiers" by W.E.B. Du Bois
  • Section 19-3 pp. 594-601.
  • None
  • Complete "Evaluating Treaty of Versailles" assignment
  • Discuss the Treaty of Versailles and America's reaction to it
  • Summarize the end of World War I and discuss the rise of dictators in Europe
  • Section 19-4 pp. 604-611.
  • Finish answering the questions (in the homework column) for 19-4 if you didn't do so in class
  • Work on study guide for Unit 5 Test (Sent to your email)
  • Review for Unit 5 Test
  • No reading assignment
  • Work on Study Guide for Unit 5 Test
  • Unit 5 Test
  • No reading assignment
  • Work on study guide for unit 5 test
The "Big Four" at the Paris Peace Conference

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