Chapter 21 Learning Objectives

  • Chapter Objective:

    • To understand such issues as Prohibition, the changing role of women, and the influence of the Harlem Renaissance.scopestrial.jpg

  • SECTION 21-1"Changing Ways of Life"
    1. Explain how urbanization created a new way of life that often clashed with the values of traditional rural society.
    2. Describe the controversy over the role of science and religion in American education and society in the 1920s.

  • SECTION 21-2"The Twenties Woman"
    1. Explain how the image of the flapper embodied the changing values and attitudes of young women in the 1920s.
    2. Identify the causes and results of the changing roles of women in the 1920s.

  • SECTION 21-3 "Education and Popular Culture"a_flapper.jpg
    1. Describe the popular culture of the 1920s.
    2. Explain why the youth-dominated decade came to be called the Roaring Twenties.

  • SECTION 21-4"The Harlem Renaissance"
    1. Identify the causes and results of the migration of African Americans to Northern cities in the early 1900s.
    2. Describe the prolific African-American artistic activity that became known as the Harlem Renaissance.

Chapter 21 Power Point Presentations


Chapter 21 Assignments:

In-Class Assignments
Readings are to be completed for the next school day, unless noted otherwise
Homework assignments are to be completed for the next school day, unless noted otherwise
  • Discuss prohibition in America
  • Discuss the Scopes Trial
  • Discuss the changing roles of women in the 1920s
  • Section 21-1 pp. 640-645
  • Section 21-2 pp. 646-649
  • Sections 21-1 and 21-2 worksheet
  • Discuss popular culture of the 1920s
  • Discuss the Harlem Renaissance
  • Section 21-3 pp. 652-657
  • Section 21-4 pp. 658-663
  • Chapters 20-21 Quiz on Friday, 4.17.15. Study terms for both chapters are listed below.

Chapters 20-21 Quiz Study Terms:

Chapter 20:

  • Nativism
  • Isolationism
  • Communism
  • "Red Scare"
  • A. Mitchell Palmer
  • Sacco and Vanzetti Trial
  • Quota System
  • Warren G. Harding
  • Kellogg-Briand Pact
  • Fordney-McCumber Tariff
  • Ohio Gang
  • Teapot Dome Scandal
  • Calvin Coolidge
  • Urban Sprawl
  • Installment Plan
  • What did A. Mitchell Palmer believe he had to protect the nation from?
  • What tactics did the KKK use in the 1920s to expand their membership?
  • What did people often accuse striking workers of being?
  • What signs showed that the prosperity of the 1920s was superficial?

Chapter 21:

  • Prohibition
  • Speakeasies
  • Bootleggers
  • Fundamentalism
  • Scopes Trial
  • Flappers
  • Margaret Sanger
  • Charles Lindbergh
  • Babe Ruth
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Ernest Hemingway
  • Harlem Renaissance
  • Marcus Garvey
  • Langston Hughes
  • Louis Armstrong
  • What factors contributed to the overall failure of prohibition?
  • How did the lives of women change in the 1920s?
  • How did authors of the 1920s tend to portray American culture?